What We Offer

Equipment Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and repairs of specialised medical equipment installed in Hospital & Aged Care facilities throughout Victoria.

  • We service the units to the current standards of
    AS 4187 Cleaning, disinfecting & sterilizing re-useable medical & surgical instruments & equipment
  • AS 2437 Sanitizers for Bed pans & Urine bottles

Breakdown Servicing

Factory trained and trade qualified service personnel in well-stocked service vans are available to attend to breakdowns on any of our products in customer’s premises, in many instances on the same day.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PMA)

Routine servicing and testing of our products on customers premises for compliance to regulatory codes and standards. Agreed pre-priced PMAs provide for independent equipment testing that includes individual product reports supplied for each item for customers reference and Accreditation requirements.

A Preventative Maintenance Agreement ensures expensive and often neglected equipment complies with ‘as-built’ specifications and relevant codes and can greatly extend the life of the equipment.

All work performed under these agreements is pre-empted by a courtesy call one week prior to advise our attendance at your premises to carry out the routine agreed work.

Installation and commission of equipment

Installation and commission of units in established and new builds

Contact our Support Team: 03 9874 1253